Terms & Conditions

* First check-up and hygiene to be paid in full before being able to take advantage of membership benefits, providing membership is paid for a month in advance (i.e. 10% discount on any treatment, exclusions may apply)

* Patient can take advantage of benefits i.e. 10% discount on subsequent treatments provided they are found eligible for membership and understand that this is a 12 monthly membership plan that is not to be cancelled post treatment completion. Monthly payments must be continued until the 12- month term has been completed.

* Hygiene appointments or other complimentary perks can be booked after being on a membership plan for an initial 6 months.

* Outstanding treatments that are generated from the first check-up need to be completed within 6 months.

* 10% discount will only be applied after the initial first examination & hygiene have been completed and the patient has decided to sign up to an Olive Tree Dental Membership plan and is found eligible.

** T&Cs apply. Please check the worldwide handbook which can be downloaded from: https://www.olivetreedental.co.uk/prices/worldwide-dental-scheme/

*** Children need to complete the first check-up and any outstanding treatment.

*** Free routine check-up and treatment will apply only after kids complete the outstanding treatments that have been recommended by the clinician from the initial examination.


Cancellation policy summary:

Upon signing up for membership patients agree to the following;

As a practice member you may be entitled to discounted fees on treatment received at the practice. However, the practice reserves the right, should you cancel your membership within the first 12 months of joining, to reclaim the amount of discount you received during your membership to ensure neither party has been unfairly disadvantaged.

Therefore, the practice reserves the right to reclaim the full amount of any discount applied. All monies owing will become due immediately following cancellation of the Plan.


Children – Terms & Conditions

Any child who attends as a patient of Olive Tree Dental, that is not on an Olive Tree Membership Plan (or their parents are not on a membership) pays the “pay as you go prices” as per the fee guide.

Any child above 10 can be on an Olive Tree Membership without their parents and will access the
complimentary hygiene & examination after being on the membership plan for at least 6 months.

In the meantime if a child / children have an emergency, they can claim this back on the worldwide dental scheme* (Terms & Conditions apply please refer to the https://www.olivetreedental.co.uk/prices/worldwide-dental-scheme/)

Any child under 10 has to be on a membership plan with a parent / carer to be able to take advantage of the membership benefits.

In exceptional circumstances where a carer has the responsibility of multiple children (under 10 or over 10) a tailored plan can be arranged, so that the children are on a mini picholine membership on annual basis, for further information please enquire within.

Every parent that is on either; Picholine, Castelvetrano or Cerignola Membership plan can bring one or more children under the age of 10 to the practice and have them added on their membership plan on a complimentary basis.

Treatments to that child / children under the age of 10 will be free up to the value of £250. If a sole parent has two or more children on the membership plan the value of £250 can be used for more than one child, however once the value of £250 in total has been used, children can benefit from pay as you go prices minus 10% discount as their parent is on a membership plan. Or if a parent/carer wants children to benefit from up to 30% off fees then the child/children need to be on a mini picholine membership at £6 / month regardless of their age. If both parents are on the plan, then the value of £250 per child will be provided to each parent; giving them a total value of £500 to use for both children.

So more than one child can be added to an adult membership plan, but the value of credit given will be £250 whether for one child or for more than one child.

* £250 credit cannot be carried over to the following year when renewing a 12-month contract. £250 credit applies to a 12-month term only.

* Credit of £250 will not be applicable for Emergency treatments as we offer access to the worldwide dental scheme cover as part of your membership plan and emergency treatments can be reimbursed as part of that * terms & conditions apply.