We know only too well how anxious and daunting of an experience it can be to visit a dentist, especially if you have dental phobia, it’s a valid condition and can be treated with a slightly modified approach in getting nervous patients equipped for upcoming treatments.

The last thing we want at Olive Tree Dental is patients who are so worried about coming in to the practice that they jeapordise the health of their teeth & gums as a result. Unfortunately statistics prove time and time again that people who avoid the dentist are more likely to have ongoing issues with their gums and more prone to infections and more complex issues.

Which is why for many patients conscious sedation is a solution to easing nerves about undergoing dental treatments. Once the sedative has been administered you will be an altered state of consciousness, but sedation medications are considered lighter and safer than general anaesthetic. You will feel calm and there will be no feeling of anxiety or pain making the procedure a more pleasant one although you may not remember the sedation period once the sedative begins to wear off.

We offer sedation to both adults & children, we have fully trained clinicians who specialise in administering sedation to patients who have dental phobia, or may have a severe gag reflex or feel they have extreme sensitivity that could make sitting still through treatment uncomfortable.

Once you have had the treatment, you will be able to walk out of the treatment/surgery room after however we recommend that a chaperone accompanies you and remains with you even after the treatment. The clinician will monitor your blood pressure, pulse & oxygen levels throughout the treatment just to ensure that all the levels are normal,

Nervous patients provide us with extremely positive feedback having been treated under sedation, advising it made the treatment comfortable & that they would recommend it to other in similar situations.

If you have considered getting cosmetic or dental treatments but have delayed such treatments through sheer anxiety, we do have expert clinicians on hand to talk you through the procedure and we do offer complimentary consultations for those with dental phobia.

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