Composite Bonding

Composite bonding can often be done during one visit to the practice however if there are multiple teeth that require bonding then the dental clinician could advise 2-3 appointments to complete the process. During an initial consultation the dentist will examine your teeth, discuss what you would like to do improve your smile and trial smiles can be simulated to help you visualise your new smile before commencing with the treatment.

Once the process has started the bonding is when a broken tooth is repaired, a transparent tube is then put into the right position, where the composite material is then applied. A bright light is then used to harden the composite material and it is then shaped as deemed necessary.

Once the bonding processes is set the composite resin and your natural teeth will be contoured and polished for a finished result. If you take good care of your teeth the dental bonding can last several years and during your regular dental visits your dentist will advise you if and when this bonding procedure needs to be repeated to maintain your bespoke smile.

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