Dental Crowns

What is a Crown?

A crown is a type of cap that completely covers a real tooth. It’s made from either metal, porcelain bonded or ceramic, and is fixed in your mouth.

When would I need a Crown fitted?

Crowns can be fitted where a tooth has broken, decayed or been damaged, or can be simply used to make a tooth look aesthetically more pleasing.

In order to be able to fit a crown, the old tooth needs to be drilled down so it’s like a small peg the crown will be fixed on to. A dentist or clinician will talk to you about the whole process and then provide you with a detailed treatment plan.

How long does getting a Crown fitted take? Can it all be done in one day?

Initially we would request that you come into Olive Tree Dental for a consultation, you would need to be deemed fit for treatment, sometimes a filling needs to be adhered to first prior to a crown being fitted for example. It can take some time for the lab to prepare a new crown, so you probably won’t have the crown fitted on the same day, however you will be advised ahead of time and booked in as soon as your crown is ready to be fitted.

On the rare occasion that the crown doesn’t fit perfectly a crown may be resent to the laboratory for readjustment but rest assured this will be done quickly to ensure that the crown is fitted as soon as possible but with care, to ensure the fit is accurate.

What types of Crowns are there?

There are several different types of dental crowns we offer; metal / ceramic or porcelain bonded they can reconstruct your teeth, making them more robust than ever. Because a crown encapsulates the tooth fully, the crown fitted can repair almost any cosmetic tissue, whilst providing an aesthetically pleasing, natural smile.

The dentist / clinician will recommend the crown that they believe you should get fitted however there are other factors to be considered like price and durability.

What else can a Crown be used for?

Crowns can be used in conjunction with other dental treatments, for example after a route canal in order to protect the tooth. Or if a tooth has worn away and needs added protection, or a tooth has seen a lot of decay and needs additional structure. No matter what you may need a crown for, one of our dentists will talk you through the process and provide you with a treatment plan that suitable for you.

The porcelain used for crowns and bridges can also be used with veneers, so no matter the condition of your teeth we will work with you to create your desired bespoke smile.

How much does a Crown cost?

The cost of a dental crown varies depending on each individual case. Our crowns range from £352 per tooth.

We offer several Olive Tree Dental Memberships that give you 10% discount on treatments in addition to being able to spread the cost over an annual period.

We also offer 0% finance to help spread the cost of the treatment over 24 months (if found eligible). More information is available in our fee guide Terms & Conditions Apply.

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