White Fillings

White fillings are used to restore and repair a cavity in a tooth that may have been damaged by decay or other reasons like for example fracture. This ensures that the tooth is back to its normal functionality and shape.

A dental clinician will offer you the type of filling that they consider clinically necessary however there are several options that will be given, depending on your specific requirements.

The process involves removing the affected area like any decayed residue, cleaning the affected area and then filling out the cavity with a dental filling material. This can be materials such as porcelain. Such a restoration can be called an ONLAY or INLAY. It can also be a tooth-coloured material called composite (composite made of resin and a glass mixture). We do not use Amalgam (silver/black coloured) fillings at Olive Tree Dental.

Once a filing has been applied appropriately it helps prevent further decay and damage therefore avoiding more complex treatments, resulting from untreated infections that can be breeding ground for bacteria leaving teeth unprotected.

It is vital to be made aware of potential problems so you can see your dentist promptly to have cavity fillings adjusted or repaired as soon as possible, if you have any concerns just let your chosen dentist know they would be happy to explain further.

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